Piano tuning, repair, restoration in Salt Lake City, Utah

Licensed piano tuner, repair, restoration technician

Piano Tuner/Technician

Dmitriy Baykov

Mr. Baykov is a piano tuner with over 30 years of international experience. He has served a clientele ranging from the White House to the Moscow Conservatory. On the (primary) internet list of piano tuners in Moscow, he is currently listed in the top 5 tuners.


He has recently returned to the Salt Lake Valley, and he is inviting new clientele. At present, his prices are very competitive. Contact him for a quote, and you will be delighted with the price at which you may presently obtain his services.

To make an appointment call Dmitriy at (801) 638-1083

Dmitriy Baykov - Piano restoration and wind instrument repair

Of his work
Piano Tuning, piano rebuilding, antique/square/grand/upright piano restoration, wind instrument repairs

"I specialize in tuning, regulating and rebuilding pianos and grand pianos. I repair wind instruments and restore antique pianos, grand pianos and square pianos. I am a professional clarinetist, pianist and vocalist, and can understand the needs of even most demanding clients/ musicians when it comes to achieving perfection in the way an instrument sounds. I take pride in my work and am available for new clients and serious music companies with a need for a professional piano tuner/technician."

"I believe that my greatest accomplishment is the trust that my clients have in me and my work. My work has been appreciated in several Embassies and even in the White House when I lived in Maryland and worked in Washington D.C."

Piano Restoring, piano regulation, piano cleaning

Mr. Baykov has tuned and restored pianos for over 30 years working for private clients, embassies, music universities, schools, museums, and music stores in Washington D.C., Salt Lake City and Moscow.

Master's in Music, professional musician, choir instructor, licensed piano tuner/technician

Master’s Degree in Music, Moscow University of Music: Conductor of Wind Orchestra, Professional Clarinetist/Instructor, Pianist/Accompanist and Vocalist/Instructor for Men's Choir. A professional piano tuner/technician license from Lirika: two year training experience at Moscow’s most popular piano producer.

To make an appointment call Dmitriy at (801) 638-1083


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